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Miniature magnetic particles can be self-assembled robot

Bayue 29 2011

These particles can be combined in the case of a magnetic field

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Japan's new Prime Minister produced: Yoshihiko Noda

Bayue 29 2011

  Japanese Finance Minister Yoshihiko Noda go-ahead economy minister Wan Hai Jiang Tian was elected the new party leader in the Democratic Party, held on the 29th (first party) election second round of voting, he will become the next prime minister.

  Yoshihiko Noda obtained 215 votes in the second round of voting. The highest number of votes in the first round Kaieda obtained 177 votes in the second round.

  Noda after the elections said it would make every effort to work with colleagues in the national struggle, to make the change of regime carried out smoothly.

  Yoshihiko Noda, 54, has served as Japan's finance before election phase, the Japanese media called "the economy through." Noda graduated from Waseda University, political, and later into the "cradle of Japanese politicians' political and economic Sook Panasonic learning, once elected, namely 29-year-old Japanese lawmakers elected to break the age record. June 5, 2010, the new Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan decided, Yoshihiko Noda will serve as the new cabinet Finance Minister. Read the rest of this entry » you could try this out best roti maker check my blog . health product reviews to keep you fit. . cheap grillz . usa research chemical vendor . Motonovo finance bad credit

The first synthesis of the Antarctic ice flow map

Bayue 27 2011

NASA-funded team of scientists has successfully made the first piece to fully reflect the Antarctic ice flow direction and velocity distribution of the digital map

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Inventory of the world nine large airship

Bayue 23 2011

"Smurfs number" large-scale airship may be suspended at 6 km altitude

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A student of American life in America

Bayue 20 2011

Author unknown

  Nearly six years to the United States, the first reading, after work, which can be considered tasted the ups and downs, but I think I was deeply moved to write about a few things:

  1, first came to the United States did not take long, once go to the hospital, the door to see the front desk placed a long card, it read something I will never forget, is translated: "No matter what race you are, whether you there is no money, no matter what your status, you have the right to get treatment here. " That is, the poor, and even illegal immigrants to medical treatment, the hospital will not refuse treatment. When I hear illegal immigrants to have a serious illness hospitals, generally give a false address, after discharge anyway not receive bills, hospital naturally Fund to pay the fee. Read the rest of this entry »

2011 Marriage Law of People's Republic of China (full text)

Bayue 20 2011

Marriage Law of People's Republic of China

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